Pukkelpop _ 3 geometric figures_1 day

For the pop festival Pukkelpop (Belgium) we tried to create three geometric figures with Rope inbetween the public in front of the main stage. Read here Ropes diary.

Today they would make 3 geometric figures with me at the pop festival Pukkelpop. And this between the audience in front of the main stage: Circle (19 m. Ø), Square (15 x 15 m.) and Line (60 m.) These figures would then be photographed from above.

Between 11:00 and 16:00 we moved back and forth across the festival with the help of the audience. People came to me. Ief told them that I have a soul and that many travels were hidden in my body. He shows what we had done in Berlin, Firenze, Milan and Ostend during the past year. Around 16:00 we wanted to go to the main stage. But that was outside of a pile of bodies that lay on me and refused to move. After four days of festival, lying was their last possibility. While at one end 20 people carried me on their shoulders ready to leave, my other end was pushed deeper and deeper into the ground by the refusing bodies. Ief dragged a body away from me, but immediately a new body lay behind him. I collapsed slowly under the weight until it became completely dark and the world was only a black universe. Suddenly I was pulled out of the earth and moved again. They carried me to the main stage and walked in a Square (15 x 15m) that Ief and Aafke had drawn with chalk paint. Ief and Jan took a photo from above. The concert started and the Square (15 x 15m.) filled itself with people. We wanted to leave, it became too crowded. The Square (15 x 15m.) changed and was no longer Square (15 x 15m.). Now there were also wild moving bodies around. That was the penultimate possibility of the bodies, before they would fall on me or on the ground. I was half on shoulders, but my other half was pressed into the ground by bodies. 
People who were still in the penultimate possibility clung to me, or used me as a battering ram to attack strangers. At the same time the shoulder-bearers went on, dragging me and the clenched bodies. I was partly buried under the ground with the hanging bodies that pulled me into the ground, and partly above the ground on the shoulder carriers. As if I were drowned and above water and again under water and again above water. And then I suddenly went the other way. Then I was drawn to myself on both sides, while hanging bodies hung even harder and other bodies jumped and dancing over and on me. Ief was busy ringing and said that people had to come with badges and uniforms and suddenly everybody dropped me down on the floor and all the bodies fell and no second no in less than a second everyone was on me and a strange peace had returned. There were at least 60 people sitting, lying down and hanging on my 60-meter-long length. I slowly fell into the ground because of the weight. The bodies that were in their penultimate possibility and were transferred to their last possibility sank into the ground together with me. As in black water I floated under the meadow between countless bodies.
Then a hand stuck through the surface of the earth, and pulled me out of the ground. As if we were surrounded by an invisible cage we stepped through the crowd. I understood that the people with badges and uniforms had made that invisible cage. The people with badges and uniforms had other supernatural powers because one look was enough so that the bodies that were in the penultimate possibility could see other possibilities for a second. And so I was carried off the festival. I thought of the space under the ground, floating between the bodies. This was perhaps my strangest destination ever. The bodies of the penultimate and last possibility had weighed heavily on me, but I was grateful to them that they had brought me to a world where I had never been before.

We have been able to make only one geometric figure: Square (15 x 15 m.).


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