Rope is a rope of 60 meters in length and 30 cm in diameter. It has been made disproportionately large and has therefore lost its function. Its inventor, the Belgian visual artist and scenographer Ief Spincemaille, travels with Rope to give it
new function and meaning.

He shows up with this sculpture and improvises. The energy between Rope and the reality it finds creates new uses for it, and gives it purpose. Rope’s message is clear: “Do something with me!”

Spincemaille calls Rope an open-design instrument. Rope, like a camera or brush, is a medium for imagining a reality. This imagination arises from the inspiration, dynamism and energy of the place where Rope is used. Creations with Rope are therefore fundamentally open: the interaction with different people and places with their own value systems, dreams and goals are the building blocks of the creative process. As an outsider who is not limited by existing protocols, Rope enters new arenas with the will to discover, to change, and - especially - reinvent itself. 

During these travels, Rope blogs about what it is experiencing, telling a tale about the places where it has been:
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Since its creation in april 2017 Rope has attended festivals, workshops and shows in:

Fabrica Europa festial, Firenze (Italy)

CRCLR house, Berlin (Germany)

D-conferene, Potsdam (Germany)

Fabrica Belgica, Berlin (Germany)

Luca Biënnal, Leuven (Belgium)

Salone Del Mobile, Milaan (Italy)

M - museum, Leuven (Belgium)

Wiels museum, Brussels (Belgium)

On tour with Invited, Europe.

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Photo’s: home page-Do Won (Serena) Lee.  The 60m long Rope project in Fire- nze was commissioned by N.O.W [New Open Working Process for the Performing Arts] with the sup- port of the Flemish authorities extrapole, Fabbrica Europa, Indis- ciplinarte, Latitudes Contempo- raines, Lokal, Mom/El Vivero, Trafo, wpZimmer - Co-funded by the Creative European Program of the European Union. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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