May 14, 2017@12:30

I hear the monotonous rumble of the expressway. I slowly sink myself into a universe of blue bands. Within 1400 km I will fall into a deep sleep.

Twelve days ago, I was thrown, all 65 meters of me, into the Viale Dei Bambini. There was no plan. Everything was a combination of luck and improvisation. The encounters with the people. The interventions. The school. Emma’s and Cosetta’s houses. The conversation after the city council. The caf├ęs in the marketplace. The banks of the Arno and the actions in the Viale dei Bambini. Unconscious choreographies arose. Temporary meeting places in public space. Playgrounds. Disturbances.

I’m too big. I did not know what to do with myself. It was fierce to be thrown into a world like this. But this might be the best way to find meaning. Now I think my too big size is my strength. I’m too big, but just because of that I can do something. Being too big everywhere, I can get the same things seen in a new way. Like a different mirror. For the architecture of a place. For a landscape. For a community.

There is still so much I want to do. Climb into trees. Swimming. To be held between people in crowded squares. Enter and exit windows of an apartment building … For a longer period of time, stay in one house or organization. As I see the snow, everything quiets down. Another 1200 km to go. I am aware of my entire 65 meter length. Images keep wandering in my mind. I fall slowly into a deep blue sleep.

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