May 13, 2017 @21:26

We left Isolotto after 11 days there. Anna-Lisa had heard of me through social media and invited me to do something in honor of the inauguration of a new square.
El Piagge is a suburb of Firenze, on the other side of the Arno River. Here there is a different and much less romantic reality than in Isolotto. Around us there were about six unbelievable apartment blocks in the form of ships, a lot of sloping ground between, train tracks on one side and above our heads were planes coming in for landings, making conversation unintelligible every five minutes.
Nobody knew what they would do with me here. I was so nervous that I would rather have stayed by myself, wrapped on the bobbin. Ief walked around looking for possibilities and ideas. Several people walked with him. Vincent, Cielo, people from Fabbrica Europa. It was a strange sight, all those unknowns investigating the place. They spoke to different people, and they walked to the middle of the lawn.
I’d be laid in a spiral, people would sit on me, and Ief would tell what I had discovered on the other side of the Arno River, and then in the middle of the spiral a Romanian boy would sing a song.
I lay down on the grass in my full length. The sun was shining. I could have stayed here for much longer. I was picked up. Ief carried my head and stepped to the center of the lawn. Some 50 people carried me. He stopped in the center and encouraged people to continue walking around and around. Slowly I felt that my own outer sides were to be laid against each other, meter by meter. It was the first time I lay this way. The people sat down on me.
Ief told me that I had discovered across the Arno a wonderful neighborhood. He told me that I had brought a word and many memories with me. That the word and memories might not be visible anymore, but he said that they are still inside the rope. That they passed the Arno and brought me to this square because Isolotto might be an inspiration for this neighborhood. I felt like a transmitter of a soul.
The Romanian boy stepped to the middle and sang a song. I felt his leg against me, trembling.

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