May 10, 2017 @19:30

Every morning, a row of about 40 children walks from the beginning of the Viale De Bambini to school on the Montagnola: the pedibus (footbus). Valentino invited me to join. This morning I was worn, for the first time in my full lengths, from the beginning of the Viale to the school.

We arrived on the mountain. People applauded for each other. I was laid in a circle so that a fully enclosed space was created. And so I stayed all day on the lawn for the school.

In 1969 the neighborhood protested against the construction of a disco on the Montagnola, an artificial (waste) mountain. In stead of a disco the neighborhood wanted a school. They placed a tent on the Montagnola, occupied the mountain, and won the battle. The paper on the tent says: This is the primary school.

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